Month: October 2017

“Star Dust” (1940) Artie Shaw

The story: It is always challenging to write objectively and accurately about Artie Shaw’s music and personality. On the one hand, much of the music Shaw made during the swing era was wonderful, indeed great. On the other, when exploring Shaw’s music, one usually encounters a good many myths and distortions surrounding the man, and […]

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“Tenderly” (1953) Art Tatum

“Tenderly” Composed by Walter Gross. Recorded on December 28-29, 1953 by Art Tatum for Clef in Los Angeles. Art Tatum, solo piano. The story: How does one begin to discuss the piano artistry of Art Tatum? Adjectives like magnificent, incredible and amazing are inadequate.Tatum was better than that.What exactly did Tatum do when he played the piano? […]

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Swing and swing redux: “Pompton Turnpike” (1940) Charlie Barnet, and Billy Maxted (1967)

“Pompton Turnpike” Composed by Will Osborne and Dick Rogers; arranged by Billy May. Recorded by Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra for Bluebird on July 19, 1940 in New York. Charlie Barnet, soprano saxophone, directing: Sam Skolnick,Lyman Vunk,Bernie Privin and Billy May, trumpets; Don Ruppersberg, Bill Robertson, Claude Murphy, trombones; Gene Kinsey and Leo White, alto […]

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