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Swing and swing redux: “Pompton Turnpike” (1940) Charlie Barnet, and Billy Maxted (1967)

“Pompton Turnpike” Composed by Will Osborne and Dick Rogers; arranged by Billy May. Recorded by Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra for Bluebird on July 19, 1940 in New York. Charlie Barnet, soprano saxophone, directing: Sam Skolnick,Lyman Vunk,Bernie Privin and Billy May, trumpets; Don Ruppersberg, Bill Robertson, Claude Murphy, trombones; Gene Kinsey and Leo White, alto […]

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“Chelsea Bridge” Billy and Billy (Strayhorn and May)

They both grew up in Pittsburgh at the same time, the 1920s and 1930s, and knew each other. They were about the same age. But they were very different people. One was big and boisterous; the other was small and quiet. One spoke the rough argot of a Pittsburgh steelworker; the other was soft-spoken, articulate, […]

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