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Swing and swing redux: “Pompton Turnpike” (1940) Charlie Barnet, and Billy Maxted (1967)

“Pompton Turnpike” Composed by Will Osborne and Dick Rogers; arranged by Billy May. Recorded by Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra for Bluebird on July 19, 1940 in New York. Charlie Barnet, soprano saxophone, directing: Sam Skolnick,Lyman Vunk,Bernie Privin and Billy May, trumpets; Don Ruppersberg, Bill Robertson, Claude Murphy, trombones; Gene Kinsey and Leo White, alto […]

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“Harlem Speaks” (1941) Charlie Barnet

“Harlem Speaks” Composed by Duke Ellington; arranged by Andy Gibson. Recorded by Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra for RCA-Bluebird on August 14, 1941 in Hollywood, California. Charlie Barnet, alto saxophone, directing: Seymour “Sy” Baker, first trumpet; Bob Price,Bob Burnet, Micky Bloom, trumpets; Spud Murphy, Tommy Reo, Bill Robertson, Ford Leary, trombones; Ray Hopfner, Conn Humphries, […]

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