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“Blue Champagne” (1941) Jimmy Dorsey and Bob Eberly

“Blue Champagne” Composed by Grady Watts and Frank Ryerson; arranged by Toots Camarata. Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra for Decca on April 29, 1941 in New York. Jimmy Dorsey, alto saxophone; directing: Jimmy Campbell, first trumpet; Shorty Solomson, Nate Kazebier, trumpets; Sonny Lee, first trombone; Nat Lobovsky, Phil Washburne, trombones; Milt Yaner, first […]

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“John Silver” grows up — Jimmy Dorsey 1938/1944

James Francis Dorsey was the older of the Dorsey brothers, and the smaller, in terms of both physical stature and ego. He was a master musician whose virtuosity on both clarinet and alto saxophone was a source of fascination and inspiration for reed players far and wide, including jazz titans Lester Young and Charlie Parker. […]

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