“South Rampart Street Parade” (1937) Bob Crosby, Ray Bauduc, Bob Haggart, Yank Lawson, Eddie Miller / (1959) Glen Gray with Conrad Gozzo, Gus Bivona, Shorty Sherock and Nick Fatool

“South Rampart Street Parade” Composed by Ray Bauduc and Bob Haggart; arranged by Bob Haggart. Recorded by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra for Decca on November 16, 1937 in Los Angeles. Bob Haggart, bass, directing: [..]

“Picasso” (1948) Coleman Hawkins

“Picasso” Composed by Coleman Hawkins. Recorded by Coleman Hawkins circa July-August 1948 as an unaccompanied tenor saxophone solo in New York. The story: The category “far out” at swingandbeyond.com exists so that the posts presented [..]